Running on the Great Wall of China is one of life's great adventures. It is a run to be enjoyed; to stop and absorb the views and to speak to villagers as you pass by. It will never deliver a personal best time but it does offer a personal best experience.

Even better is the chance to visit the wall on two separate occasions - on a reconnaissance two days before the race and again on marathon day.

This gives runners the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking scenery at leisure and to be aware of the variations in running surfaces and steps while on the wall. It is useful to be prepared for race day when full marathon runners will conquer a total of 5164 steps.

The Great Wall Marathon is a challenging run in China's Tianjin Province. It takes participants 3.2km along the wall twice, each crossing separated by a circuit through picturesque rural villages.

The marathon comes from the Adventure-Marathons stable which includes four very different marathons in four stunning package tours. Fans of adventure running can also consider the Big Five Marathon on the savannah in South Africa, the Petra Marathon in the ancient Jordanian city and the Polar Circle Marathon on the ice sheet of Greenland.














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2010: 15. May



Kirste Snellgrove is a unique and very determined young woman who will be running her 19th marathon in support of Breast Cancer Research.

She was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 at the age of 35. She decided that the only attitude to take was a positive one and, in her own words, she said "I love life, I love my running and cancer can try to interfere with that as much as it likes, but it will never get me down".

Since then she has run more than 470 miles in marathons across the world and will be joining thousands of runners on 25 April 2010 who are taking on the Virgin London Marathon.

Kirste will be running the marathon with two of her friends and her partner, John Bowman. Together they hope to raise £5000 towards the charity's fight against breast cancer and there's an alarming fact to support their cause; In the UK, nearly 46,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year - that's 125 a day.

Lindford Christie and Sonique presenting Kirste with a bouquet of flowers at the pink ribbon ball, 2009.
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