In 2008, about 3,000 people ran the Condura Run for the Tubbataha Reef. The year after, 6,000 ran for the whale sharks of Donsol, followed by another year of 8,500 runners for the development of eco-tourism through dolphin watching in Pamilacan Island in Bohol. On 6 February 2011, about 15,000 participants entered to run the Condura Skyway Marathon – still for the dolphins of Bohol but this time to raise money to fund the research needed to help the dolphins and marine ecosystems in Baclayon, the governing town of Pamilacan Island.

For three years now, the country’s premier running event has set a standard in road races around the Metro. It is organised for runners by runners and it is the only road race that gives the runners an opportunity to run on the Skyway and is inspired by superbly-organised international running events such as the INC-NYC Marathon.


Races covered all running abilities from 42k (full marathon), 21k (half marathon), 16k, 10k and 5k to 3k.

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