The Challenge Roth is known as the original place of the triathlon sport in Europe. It’s the biggest long distance running event in the world.


The super-event, to be held on the 8th of July 2012, was again booked up in breathtakingly quick time.


The Main-Donau-Chanel, an international waterway, will be closed exclusively for the thriathletes.


After the national anthems, a short opening speech and special songs, about a dozen start groups are sent on the 3.8 kilometre swimming distance. The triathlon park Roth is the new Mecca for sportsmen with perseverance and is unique in Germany.


The Expo is accommodated there, additional show spots, the changing zones, a beer garden and the triathlon stadium with the adjoining final care. Where else do participants find such spectator's support? Everywhere cyclists are cheered incessantly. Also the marathon route has become a spectator's magnet.



Next event date:

8 July 2012


Entries closed



Styrkeproven is the best known bicycle marathon in Norway. The Norwegian word “Styrkeproven” means "showdown". The 540k kilometre long distance starts on the 23rd of June again from Trondheim to Oslo, extensively on the E6 over Lillehammer. 3400 height meters must be mastered.


After the start in Trondheim the first 170 kilometres climb steadily upwards towards the highest point of the distance, the Dovrefjell. The remaining height metres are spread over short, distances over Lillehammer, which is reached after about 370 kilometres.


The bicycle club of Zoncolan holds the record from 2009 on in 12:51 hours, which corresponds to an average speed of about 42 km/h. The running time is limited to 36 hours. Time measure is taken without interruption, the clock stays running during breaks. The start field is international and exists mainly of amateur sportsmen.


There will be probably more than 5000 participants. They must be 18 years old on the 31st of December 2012. Under the name „Lille Styrkeproven “(The small showdown) there is a shorter bicycle running of 180 kilometres the same day.



Next event date:

23 June 2012


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