Countless wonderful marathon events take place all over the world each year but this year marks the dawning of a new era for the one and only Authentic Marathon – the Athens Marathon. Previously the Athens Classic Marathon, organisers have decided to further celebrate the pure uniqueness, originality and undeniable authenticity of the event by changing its name to “Athens Marathon.  The Authentic”.


The new name, new logo and new website are just part of the organiser’s enhanced focus for taking the Athens Authentic Marathon from being not only an absolute must for every marathon runner in the world but also the best experience of each participant’s life. 


A new era celebrating Greek history, heritage, beauty and culture has arrived for all involved with the Athens Authentic Marathon; and as the event was already a masterpiece, runners can prepare to have their minds blown. 



The marathon course itself could hardly be more authentic, as it closely follows the footsteps of the original marathon runner Pheidippides in 490 BC. 


Beginning in the town of Marathon, the very site of the famous Greek victory over the Persians, runners can almost picture themselves as Pheidippides as they make their way towards the city of Athens. 

An amazing place to start an amazing run, what awaits runners at the end of the race is another thing altogether. With only a few hundred meters remaining in the epic marathon, runners will make eye contact with the historic Panathinaikon Stadium. As they draw nearer, the roar of the crowd spurs them on until they find themselves crossing the finish line in the stunning home of the 1896 Olympic Games.


An event which is a major source of pride for the people of Greece, the Athens Authentic Marathon is an experience for more than just Marathon runners. 10km, 5km, Power Walking, Kids and Special Olympics events are also on offer to participants, meaning people of all age and ability can get involved in the historical magic of the Athens Authentic Marathon. 

The joys of spectating this fantastic event from the marble rows of the Panathinaikon Stadium can not be underestimated either. 


A new name, a new focus and a new era for marathon running in Athens. There are many special running events in the world but there can only be one authentic Marathon. Athens Marathon. The Authentic.




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