Have you thought about being an Elbaman?  


For the tenth year the small island of Elba - sited between Italy and Corsica in the Tuscan Archipelago - will be the setting for a long-distance and half distance (73) triathlon. 








Anyone who may later call himself “Elbaman” has seriously earned the title.





Although the 3.8km swim in Marina di Campo bay is usually pleasant in water averaging around 20 degC, the 180km bike ride is a challenge.


It is one of the toughest but also most beautiful bike routes to master in a triathlon. Mostly with sea views, the ride is three laps through picturesque mountain villages, chestnut forests, past rocky hills and turquoise bays. With hill climbs totaling 840m per lap, that means a final altitude difference of more than 2500m at the finish.


Then on the track athletes must continue to show their stamina, with five laps of 8.5 km – in temperatures up to 30degC.  After the bike, it is certainly not an easy task – but on the bright side, it is almost completely flat. 


A feature of the competition is its family atmosphere.  Participation numbers are limited.  By contrast the enthusiasm of the spectators at the finishing line and transition zones is without boundaries. 

Another feature is the Elbaman Exclusive Club.  Entry is automatic once athletes have raced 1000km in Elbaman triathlons and new members receive a special trophy.  To qualify, individual athletes must complete either five full Elbaman races, or four full and one 73 Elbaman, or three full and three 73 Elbaman events.


So, whether you prefer the half distance 73 or the whole 3.8 + 180 + 42.2 km, register now, jump on the ferry to Elba and go!  The team from Marathon-Photos.com will be there to capture the most beautiful, most exciting and fastest moments.






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