The spires of the Alamodome and the Tower of the Americas rose behind them.  Three men, dressed as the defenders of the Alamo would have, on this very day 178 years ago during the final days of the Battle of the Alamo, aimed their muskets in the air. 





As the musket blast filled the morning air, the Second Annual H-E-B Alamo Run Fest was underway as runners in the Alamo Half, the first of three events to hear those muskets fire, took off in unison.  Forty-five minutes later it was the Alamo 10,000. Followed in fifteen minutes by runners in the SA-5K.  In all, almost 2,000 runners celebrated Texas Independence Day by running through the streets of San Antonio.




What awaited them all at the finish would be the highlight for most… a Finish Line INSIDE the Alamodome!  Above them, two massive video walls beamed live footage of them entering the Alamodome and then crossing the Finish Line.  Each runner became the ‘main attraction’ at center floor!  Live music coupled with ‘prefect weather’ (it was inside!) allowed runners and supporters alike to kick back, relax and enjoy their accomplishments.  The word is out now on this gem of an event. 

2 March 2014

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The next H-E-B Alamo Run Fest will take place on March 8th in 2015.

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