The Inaugural U-T California 1020 got off to a foggy start on February 16, 2014 but the skies quickly cleared up for thousands of runners and walkers to enjoy the scenic coastal views through Del Mar, Solana Beach and Encinitas. Twenty local rock ‘n’ roll bands lined the 10 mile course, entertaining participants and spectators along the way. 





Participants finished at the famous Del Mar Race Track where a stunning commemorative medal was waiting for them. After catching their breath and enjoying a beer, runners, walkers and spectators rocked out at the Finish Line Concert featuring former lead guitarist of the Eagles, Don Felder and his band. Felder’s band was made up of rock ‘n’ roll legends from The Eagles, The Who and Pink Floyd. The band opened up with Felder’s iconic hit, Hotel California and continued playing other Eagle’s hits for the remainder of the show with some of Felder’s new work mixed in. 


The U-T California 1020 benefited five local non-profits from their three host cities. Close to 200 participants also fundraised for the American Cancer Society and raised over $70,000. 



16 February 2014

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Turnkey Operations produces the 1020 Series, including the U-T California 1020 and the Austin 1020.


The Austin 1020 will take place on April 13, 2014.



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