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I am excited about the prospect of running in the London Marathon. I have been placed as a reserve in the list of UNICEF Golden Bond runners. I am a first timer and I am really excited as I look forward to getting a chance to be part of this harlequin yearly jamboree.

My focus is charity and I want to be involved with UNICEF to promote the interests of a multitude of disadvantaged children afflicted by shortages of all sorts - clothing, shelter, food, medicine, education and much more.

I have been freelancing as an altruist for a while and would like to become more involved. UNICEF is a perfect platform for targeting the most vulnerable section of our society. I have also known London Marathon for years as one of the most charitable events worldwide.

Once my running spot is confirmed, I will be hot on the trail of sponsorship, but for the time being just the knowledge that all of you out there have read my posting will do me a world of good. If I'm picked up to run, I have contracted to contribute £1600 to UNICEF.

Rajvir Singh

Soon After joining my company as an HR Manager, I realised that there was a huge communication gap amongst the employees. It was a challenge for me to get them together in some way and do a Team building exercise. I guess I was pure lucky as The AIRTEL Delhi Half Marathon knocked on the door and there I found myself advertising it in the office.

There was some difficulty in getting a hundred people together, but after a bit of struggle, we managed to have 21 people register for the race, for sheer fun.

I still remember that day - 9 November 2008. All of us had gathered at the office to participate in the run. We had the same T-shirts on and every one had a charm on their face, which was a sight to see. After we had completed our race, we had a photo session with all the team members. Once we got back to the office on the next working day, we all had changed. The team had shed its inhibition and made friends with one another.

Although we didn't win any crowns of glory, we won a very important thing, which was "Friendship"

Shilpi Mehra - Manager HR - Jaquar & Co Ltd

We've got to stop marathoning like this. This is the third time I've booked an overseas conference and then discovered that the local marathon was the day after. Beijing 2005, Amsterdam 2007, and now Milan 2008. Fortunately, my hosts have always been amused and excited; in this case, the conference chair had just run New York!

The race start was marvellously close to my hotel, on an almost perfect day - light winds and temperatures warming to 40F.

Milan is flat and fast, slowed by turns as it winds through the old city. Most of the scenery and history is in the first 10k.

In Italy, crowds yell "forza" and many added "ragazzi" - "strength, children!"

At 35k, I had a shot at sub-3:30, but I was slowing and the last kilometres had many twists. Finally, I ran under the 1k-to-go balloon arch and tried to kick. Countdown flags every 25 meters from 400 down, then the finish: 3:30:30, a post-50 PR!

Best, two colleagues surprised me at the finish, taking my picture with my cool medal and escorting my slow plod to the hotel.

Every marathon teaches a lesson: Milan taught me to check race schedules BEFORE booking conference travel!

David W. Kleeman - President
American Center for Children and Media

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