The Greatest Race on Earth 2008/09

In 2004, Standard Chartered created The Greatest Race on Earth, a marathon relay embracing all the company's core values. Four years on, it is a well-established challenge for running teams.

The race is open to teams of four runners, each running a Standard Chartered urban marathon. The team with the fastest aggregate time wins.

The marathons characterise the values that Standard Chartered lives by in business - a "can-do" attitude, the courage to try and the stamina and determination to go the distance.
Creation of the Greatest Race on Earth has changed the traditionally individual sport of marathon running into an exercise in co-operation and teamwork - values that Standard Chartered believes in and knows will be vital in determining the race winners.

Each race has it's own specal features:


Nairobi 26 october 2008 The highest race

Nairobi Marathon (26th October 2008) is The Highest Race. It launched the series in 2004 and again last October. While the Kenyan weather is pleasant, the 1600m altitude can be a challenge to runners more used to breathing at sea level.

Thousands of enthusiastic locals line the race route for this marathon. The start is always colourful and action-packed, as traditionally dressed drummers beat out their rhythms while the runners try to find their own.


Singapore 07 december 2008 the island race

Singapore Marathon (7th December 2008) is The Island Race. It offers runners a mix of dynamic city skylines and scenic coastline views, with special sites of interest dotted along the way. Both buildings and trees offer some respite from the intense heat and humidity that is the main challenge to runners in this event.


Mumbai 18 January 2009 The Histroic Race

Mumbai Marathon (18th January 2009) is The Historic Race. This race, in one of the world's most populous cities starts and ends in front of the Chhatrapati Shivaji railway station, an elaborate Victorian Gothic building that is a World Heritage site. The course also takes in the 6km curving sea frontage known as the "Queen's Necklace" and the challenging Malabar Hill.

Mumbai Marathon               Hong Kong Marathon


Hong Kong 08 February 2009 The harbour race

Hong Kong Marathon (8th February 2009) is The Harbour Race. It begins in Nathan Road and ends on Hong Kong Island, taking runners over two spectacular bridges and through a tunnel under the sea. While there are gradient challenges, there is also magnificent scenery - Hong Kong Harbour and breathtaking skycrapers.

After this event, the Greatest Race on Earth is over - till a new series begins in October.
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