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AIMS, for whom is a partner, is approaching its biennial World Congress, the most important event in its calendar. This takes place in Sao Paulo from 2-4 April, and will be in attendance both to participate and to record the moment. It is the 17th World Congress of AIMS (in the early days they used to be more frequent), and the fourth at which have been present.

The partnership came into being at a time just before AIMS enjoyed a significant surge in membership numbers, from 164 in 2002 to 270 at the end of 2008. also expanded very rapidly during this period, and it is difficult to conclude otherwise than that as partners we have been good for each other.

AIMS is delighted to offer avenues among its membership for to explore as we are convinced that it offers a valuable service to runners and enhances the memory they retain of running in our member events.

AIMS was set up 27 years ago to offer some basic certainties to runners, mainly proper timing and measurement. In the years since other things have emerged which are now considered basic to the running experience, and good pictures is one of these.

Hugh Jones


Could this be the sport for you?

If you're looking to take on a new challenge or just fancy some variation in your training then maybe triathlon is for you?

Combining the three sports of swimming, cycling and running, triathlon is one of the fastest growing activities with over 100,000 finishers in 2008, in the UK alone. Although triathlon sounds tough, the three component disciplines are manageable with a bit of training, and every year thousands of newcomers discover a passion for multisport.

British Triathlon sanctions over 700 events ( which run right through from early spring to late summer. With many different distances available, from super sprint through to Ironman, there is always a race suitable for your level of ability. Many first-timers start out with August's London Triathlon, a world's largest multisport event.

To match the large event schedule, the growth in triathlon clubs ( continues, alongside a rising number of accredited coaches and officials (

With Home Nation staff working across England, Scotland and Wales there are always people on hand ready to welcome you to the sport, allowing you to get started with a local club and coach so you can achieve your triathlon goals.

In 2008 British Triathlon introduced the first Paratriathlon Championships for disabled competitors, many of whom went on to achieve World Championship success.

It is hoped that triathlon will be a demonstration sport at the London Olympic Games in 2012.

At elite level British Triathlon boasts a successful squad across the junior and senior age groups. At the 2008 World Championships, Britain topped the medal table with three gold medals and a bronze. Helen Jenkins, of Wales, was crowned women's champion, capping an excellent week for the British team.

Britain sent a youthful team of five to the Olympic Games. Despite two members suffering from illness, there were promising performances from Alistair Brownlee and Will Clarke who have shown the potential to step up and onto the podium in London in three years time.

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