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Welcome to the August / September edition of PACE magazine.  We hope that the unpredictable summer weather in the UK isn't interrupting your training schedule and that you're still getting out there, pounding the streets and taking the treadmill to its limits.

We've another packed issue for you this month including some human-interest stories on some of the marathon runners we've met in the course (excuse the pun!) of our work. See page 11 and read about Johnny Donnelly's passion for drumming and running and page 13 to read about an amazing challenge taken by 3 men who ran 10 marathons in 10 days.  We hope that their experiences inspire you as much as they did us.

All this, as well as our Featured and Future Events pages, detailing the success of the races we've been involved in and hopefully inspiring you to take part in some new ones.

Keep writing to us with your stories and letters, we always want to know what you've been up to, but no more than 100 words for letters and no more than 200 for features, please.

Keep up the training!


K Parry



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Front Page Picture

The front cover shot was taken on stage 6 of the Jeantex-TOUR-Transalp at an altitude of 8,543 feet at the Gavia Pass in Italy. The race was a 7-day stage race through Germany, Austria and Italy undertaken by 1,100 cyclists and crossed 18 passes in the Alps in total.

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