Jane Tomlinson's legacy was fulfilled for the third time on Sunday 21 June 2009 with the Run For All Leeds 10k.

Megan Smith, age 10, shot the firing pistol to start the race in honour of her mum who recently died of breast cancer, and 11,000 runners were on the move.

The male winner was Dan Robinson with a time of 30:51 and the female winner, Victoria Graves came in with a time of 37:19. The wheelchair first place was taken by sixteen year old Hannah Cockcroft in 36:03. Clarion Solicitors LLP once again sponsored the Corporate and team challenges.

The Jane Tomlinson Run For All has been placed in the Telegraph's Top 10 10k's to run, giving it National status.

The race raised a formidable £750,000 for charity last year and is hoping to hit the £1 million in 2009.


Bank Holiday Monday, 1 June 2009, saw 40,374 women running in the Flora Women's Mini Marathon in Dublin. It is now billed as the biggest women's event of its kind in the world and has grown steadily year on year since its conception in 1983.

Over the years approximately 600,000 women have entered the races, which are open to all ages, sizes and abilities. The only mandatory requirement is that participants are at a fitness level which will allow them to reach the 10k finish line, either running or walking.

All entrants are classed as winners and receive a commemorative medal and ribbon on reaching the finish line. Only a very small minority of 1% fails to finish the race.

Women are encouraged to train in 'Meet and Train Groups' which gives them confidence and security whilst running / walking, in the run up to the Mini Marathon.

Over 123 million Euros has been raised for charity since the race was first set up.

This year's top three winners were:

First, Rosemary Ryan from Limerick with a time of 34:36; second Pauline Curley from Offaly with a time of 35:40 and in third place was Annette Kealy from Dublin in 36:03.


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