Crawling out of a warm bed only to stumble outdoors into the dark morning may not seem like the ideal run or walk but over 4800 runners and walkers across Canada are ready to brave the 18th annual Hypothermic Half Marathon. Call them crazy, running in weather ranging from -15 to deepfreeze -24 but this just proves runners and walkers don’t have to hibernate when temperatures plummet.

Let’s face it though. Why do many of us run? YUP, it’s all about the food. And there is no better brunch then eggs benedict, French toast, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, just to name a few of the items on the menu, making this the best food of any event around the country.

Certainly all those New Year resolutions play a part - that’s why the Hypothermic Half marathon was created 18 years ago in Edmonton. There was no goal race for Running Room clinic members to train for a winter walk or run event. As many runners discover, winter running can be fun and exhilarating. A side bonus is burning some extra calories to stay warm, as well as those used to run. Not bad for those trying to trim a few holiday season pounds.

If the challenge of that alone does not peak your interest then running on the grand prix circuit in Montreal, along Cape Spencer in St John’s or along the Bow River in Calgary should certainly add to the excitement of the day.
This year the event will be taking place in 16 sites across Canada, as well as a brand new event in Eden Prairie Minnesota - the first such event in the USA.

Finishers will receive a one of a kind medal, a packable tote and are treated to an amazing post event brunch. A portion of the proceeds will be going to various local charities. If you have a friend or family member that just wants to cheer you on you can sign then up for just the brunch. Events are capped and do sell out quickly so enter early to guarantee a spot in a chilly, frosty and fun experience. Go to to find the event nearest you and come see what all the excitement is about.

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