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Welcome once again to our bi-monthly magazine. We hope that we can inspire you to keep on running and getting fit and we've plenty more to motivate you in this issue.

We've introduced a few new items, some of which involve you, the runner, or tri athlete, depending on what your particular sporting passion is.

We still have our Readers' letters page but with a new addition. We're introducing our 'Encounters' section. We'd like to hear your stories relating to a particular subject each issue. This month's subject is encounters whilst training in the great outdoors. We want to hear your training stories, whether they are amusing, informative, factual - anything you like. Check out our Readers' Letters page to see what next month's encounter will be. We'll choose the best encounter and publish it on the Readers' letters page. We can't promise you a prize, but you'll see your name and your work on the screen being read by an international audience of more than 500,000 of our subscribers. That's some start to a potential writing career!

We've also introduced some handy hints and healthy tips.

Check out the back page for a listing of all our future events if you want a quick scroll through to see which ones you'd like to enter.

All that remains for me to say is keep those letters coming, we'd like to feature your experiences and also any tips you've picked up that you'd like to share with other runners - they'll go into our handy hints section, and we will acknowledge you. As I always say, we love to hear from you and we love your feedback too. Let us know how we're doing, your opinion is important to us.

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Karen Parry, Editor

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In a dramatic finish at the ITU World Championship in Tongyeong, South Korea, New Zealand's Bevan Docherty won the elite men's event a mere 100th of a second ahead of Australian Brad Kahlefeldt. Marathon-Photos.com was there to capture the moment.

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