Bangalore, known as the garden city and the silicon valley of India, hosted the Sunfeast World 10k on 31 May. As well as the Elite 10k, five other events were available for all ability levels to enter, giving a total entry figure of 25,000 participants.

The course has been certified by AIMS and attracted many talented overseas runners. The winning runners were Deriba Merga from Ethiopia with a time of 28.13 and in the female category, Aselefech Mergia, also from Ethiopia, took first place with a time of 32.08.

The first female Indian, Kevita Raut, came in just 2 minutes after the winner with a time of 34.32, beating the course record set by Indians by 1 minute and 29 seconds.

F. Chisel were the official training partners for the event and, along with Ian Ladbroke and Kenyan runner Zachary Kihara, organised a three day workshop for 32 trainers, who trained the corporate runners and the student communities in Bangalore for the event.

Dorcas Cheserek is a young up and coming potential world champion. She comes from a village called Maraket in Kenya but now lives in Training Camp, also in Kenya.

It seems she developed her talent for running from her father who was a gifted runner at school but stopped once he was married. Like her father, Dorcas developed a passion for running at an early age. She entered a competition at Primary School, came second and promptly fell in love with running. Once at High School, she proceeded to win lots of 10k races and has continued ever since.

Dorcas is coached by Pieter Langerhorst, who is married to Lornah Kiplagat, the current holder of the world record for distances of 5000 meters on the road, 10 Miles, 20,000 meters on the road, and half marathons.

Her top tips on training are to train regularly and listen to what your body is telling you. She is a believer in building up strength and stamina and hopes to move on to half marathons after next year and in 2014 to become a marathon runner. Before this, her aim is to become world champion in 10k races next year.

Dorcas trains six days a week in fairly short bursts about three or four times a day. She always rests the day before a race.

Diet is always important for a runner and Dorcas has a very specific diet when she's training. Her breakfasts consist mainly of bread with banana on some days and an egg on other days. Lunches are made up of rice, beef and beans on differing days and dinners are always Ugali (a mace flour which is boiled and stirred until thick) and vegetables.

Dorcas came 22nd place in the Sunfeast World 10k in Bangalore on 31 May, with a time of 36.21, which is fantastic for her first professional race.

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