Entries are open for the 2010 Canberra Marathon - and one lucky finisher will win a place in the iconic Athens Classic Marathon.

Canberra Marathon is one of the fastest and most scenic courses in Australia. The traffic-free roads are bounded by parkland and afford panoramic views of Lake Burley Griffin and many of Australia's national buildings.

There is an additional 7km course for runners wishing to complete a 50km ultra marathon and there is an optional "Plus 5" route for those who expect to finish their marathon in more than five hours.

While race day is dedicated to marathon runners, there are 5km and 10km fun runs on marathon eve to appeal to those who prefer a shorter distance.

The increasingly popular Kids Fun Run finishes on marathon day, as participants run the final 2.195km of the marathon they have run in 1km segments over previous weeks. Entries for this event open in January.


The marathon course consists of a 10km loop through the Parliamentary Triangle followed by a double out-and-back section along the southern and northern shores of Lake Burley Griffin. Participants cross Kings Avenue Bridge on the outwards journey and Commonwealth Avenue Bridge on the return journey.

The "Plus 5" course allows slower participants to complete the marathon in safety. It uses cycle paths that roughly follow the direction of the road course. Participants exit the road course just north of Kings Avenue Bridge, and follow the cycle path past the Carillon, through Commonwealth Park, under Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, around the Acton Peninsula and out to a turnaround point just west of Black Mountain Peninsula.

They re-trace their steps back to Commonwealth Ave Bridge, cross the bridge using the cycle path on the western side, loop under it and head east along the bicycle path (next to the lake). They follow this path to Bowen Park, then cross Wentworth Avenue and complete the marathon along Telopea Park West and NSW crescent.

As 2010 marks the 2500th anniversary of the Greek soldier's victorious run from Marathon to Athens, one Canberra Marathon runner will win a trip to Athens to participate in the Athens Classic Marathon in November.

All Canberra Marathon participants will receive a special medal commemorating the original Marathon anniversary.

Canberra Marathon also incorporates a number of Australian and ACT marathon and 50km road race championships.

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