On Sunday, 9th of October, MUNICH MARATHON takes place for the 26th time, with BMW as a main sponsor. Thousands of runners from all over the world are expected. They have a choice: Marathon, half marathon, the REC-10-km-Solar-Lauf and a marathon relay for four runners, male or female, who divide the marathon distance.


The marathon route resembles a sightseeing tour. It takes runners to the nicest spots and places of interest of the town. Maybe some places sound familiar: Olympic Park, English garden, Marienplatz with the city hall. And all the finishers run through the big marathon gate in the Olympic stadium.


Registrations for all distances are available up to the 25th of September 2011 under www.muenchenmarathon.de.

Participants can generate donations online using the link below.




Next event date:

9 Oct 2011




Nice and demanding


Birkebeinerløpet with 8000 participants is one of the most famous run events in Norway. It takes place on Saturday, 17th September. The course is 21 kilometres long.

Those who already participated in Birkebeiner-Rennet in winter may recognise the cross-country trail. The track does not follow the trail all the time. There are also narrow paths, downhill and uphill, through the woods, over hill and dale. The distance sets constantly new tasks including gravel paths and marsh. When Lillehammer is quite close, the runners find themselves on the route of the Olympic cross-country trails. After 21,3 km the finish can be seen in the birch leg ski stadium. Comments of those who know the distance: "Very nice and demanding.“


For those who like it difficult, there is the 73 kilometre Ultra-Birches. There are shorter distance races for those who are less ambitious.



Next event date:

17 Sep 2011



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