The Garmin Barcelona Triathlon returns to Barcelona the 16th of October, and offers the opportunity to enjoy one of the most important events for national and international triathletes. In this fourth edition, the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon expects to have 1000 more participants than its last edition, with a total participation estimate of 6,000 triathletes.


Four months before the start, the organisation has received lots of entries, which sounds like good news.


Tours will be very similar to those made last year, where the most emblematic monuments of Barcelona; the Arc de Triomf, the Agbar Tower and the Parc de la Ciutadella will all add value to the competition.

The stunning course starts with a Mediterranean swim, a quick bike course through the city to be done in 3 laps and finally a 1 lap run course hugging the coastline and finishing alongside the beach.


As for the categories, they will remain the same as in past editions: Superesprint, Sprint and Olympic; the latter two with relays. With a range of distances to choose from including Sprint and Olympic, there is something for everyone and once you have finished there is no better city to celebrate such a magnificent feat and the end of another great tri season.


Last year the winners were Javier Gómez Noya (current World Champion) and Jodie Stimpson.


The Spaniards Mario Mola (world champion Junior 2009) and Cesc Godoy (winner of 2009) have confirmed their participation in the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon 2011.


Also with the presence of prestigious international triathletes, both male and female, the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon has established itself as the more elite test level participation without losing its popular spirit that makes it unique.


The organisation has made a big bet for the days before the race starts. Some of the professional triathletes will give advice and share their knowledge and experience to the popular triathletes.


IMG is the organiser of the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon and this is the fourth edition of a race that year by year has been getting more participation. Gone are the 2,700 registered in 2008, when it began. But its future has already been secured. Until 2014, thanks to an agreement signed with the Mayor of Barcelona, the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon continues.


The test sponsors will continue to receive support from GARMIN, as main sponsor, and POWERADE as one of its official sponsors. In addition, this edition will be supported by new sponsors like BH (exclusive sponsor of cycling sector), FARMADIET GRUP, BASE and CARFAX.


The Garmin Barcelona Triathlon is getting closer. Sign up or you run the risk of missing it!

Next event date:

16 Oct 2011


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