This year Triathlon will be held the 7th of October 2012, and the organisers hope to uphold the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon as one of the biggest Triathlons in the world. Last year there were 6,000 triathletes, and this year there are expected nearer 7000.


Race courses will be very similar to 2011 and will once again be held in “Centre Esportiu de la Mar Bella”. The bike courses will all benefit from road closures - a rarity in Barcelona, which will allow competitors to race on traffic free roads.


As in previous years, the athletes will have the opportunity to choose from three different distances: OLYMPIC- individual and team relays-, SPRINT - individual and team relays, and SUPER-SPRINT.


The Barcelona Triathlon Expo will run alongside the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon, including specialist exhibitors from the cycling, running and swimming world.


For 2012, the competition will include five amendments to the prize structure: a 20% increase in the prize money for professional competitors in order to attract the best triathletes in the  discipline; a new and exclusive box for the participants of the SUPER-SPRINT category allowing for more space and inscriptions for this.  Finally, for the SPRINT category, more training sessions with well known Xavi Llobet and Cesc Godoy Spanish triathletes.  


There will also be more time distance between the different waves of competitors as well as a new program to include more disabled participants in the event.



Last year Joao Silva saw victory at the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon. Accompanied by his “friends” – the way he describes his rivals –, he clocked 1:45.43 to win the event in the male category. He took the lead at the running event after a close swimming and cycling competition. Silva faced fierce competition with Alarza (1:45.48), who finished the Triathlon closely behind the Portuguese.

Mola completed the

podium, while Francesc

Godoy (1:47.26) came in

fourth and Albert Parreño

(1:47.26) finished









Athens Classic Marathon celebrates 30 years


It’s 30 years since the first Athens Classic Marathon – but more than 2500 years since the distance was first run.


Athens Classic Marathon is not just a sporting event.  It is a hard race on a tough course from the town of Marathon to the city of Athens, finishing in ancient Panathinaiko Stadium.  More than that, Athens Classic Marathon is a bridge that unifies the legend with history, showcasing the strength of human will, friendship and



Soon after the start, the

route takes runners to the

490BC Battle of Marathon site

and around the burial mound

where the fallen soldiers were entombed.  From there the route offers challenging hills, steep descents and some coastal scenery.  More than anything, it is a historical experience in a very historical part of the world.


Athens is considered the intellectual and artistic centre of Greece, a jewel of the ancient world. It is the city where mankind's most precious and most significant moral values were founded. 

Philosophy, science, literature, art and drama are just some of the concepts born in ancient Athens. Democracy, freedom, justice and forward thinking are ideals conceived in this great city.  


They are the core principles of western civilization and society today.  So much of Ancient Greek History took place in the city of Athens.







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