For those who have not had the opportunity to visit the 3rd largest city in Spain with its white beaches and rich cultural heritage, now is the time to plan to do so.  Its historic centre is one of the largest in Spain, with approximately 169 acres of ancient monuments, views and cultural attractions, making Valencia one of the country's most popular tourist destinations.

Towards the end of the year, Valencia holds its Half Marathon (20th October) and four weeks later its Marathon (17th November), two races loved by all kinds of runners inspired to perform their personal best whilst visiting this historically rich city.


The half marathon race usually takes the winner less than an hour (actually, in previous races, it has been known for the first three to cross the line before the clock has turned one hour) and most of the popular athletes reach their best personal performance, as well as testing their fitness levels for the full marathon distance to be held just four weeks later.




The Valencia marathon has become one of the most beautiful races all around the world. The start line, the circuit and the climax of the Finish line have enjoyed participants from around the world.


No doubt, both these experiences have the famous sentence above them: “Come and Run, you will never forget it”.


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