There are many ways to get between the upper and lower towns of Quebec City. You could drive; you could take the bus; you could even take a cable car. On June 16th this year, everybody took THE STAIRS.


The “Super Challenge” is a 19km event which encompasses road running around beautiful Quebec and some 3000 stairs.


First place in the men’s event was claimed by Quebec local Maxime LeBoeuf in a time of 1:16:22, while the women’s event was won by Marianne Boivin in 1:31:11. A shorter 13.5km “Challenge” event also attracted over 1000 participants.


Quebec Staircase Challenge is an event with many unique characteristics, including the exciting way in which the race is split into three timed categories. The race winner is of course the athlete who finishes the entire race in the fastest time, but awards are also given to the “Best Climber” and “Best Sprinter”.


The formidable “Cap–Blanc” features the final 398 stairs of the course, with all participants timed from bottom to top of this staircase to determine the “Best Climber” award. From the top of Cap-Blanc, participants were timed for the ensuing 1.5km sprint to determine the “Best Sprinter”.


Start hitting the stairs now, and be ready to step up for next year’s Quebec Staircase Challenge. 



16 June 2013
Quebec, Canada

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It was a great day in paradise for Japan, as Yuki Kawauchi won the Gold Coast Airport Marathon and fellow Japanese native Yukiko Akaba took out the women’s marathon event. Both winners set course records on a day when the Gold Coast Airport Marathon featured a record number of competitors.


Some 26, 000 people turned up to celebrate the 35th running of the Gold Coast Marathon weekend, with participants in the full marathon, half marathon, 10km and 5.7km walk events enjoying a typically great Gold Coast event.


Every year event organiser’s deliver a beautiful mix of relaxation and excitement to competitors and 2013’s race weekend once again proved that Gold Coast is one of the world’s premier, runner friendly events.


The event course gives participants the chance to experience everything that’s great and famous about the Gold Coast – spectacular beach views, amazing high rise architecture, an atmosphere that’s as warm as the weather and much, much more.



6-7 July 2013

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It’s therefore little wonder that many competitors reward themselves by adding a short (or not so short) holiday in the Gold Coast on to their race weekend experience.


If you like fun, if you like sun and most of all if you like to run, get to the Gold Coast for a world beating event in a world beating destination!

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