Race organisers need two things for success; participants and volunteers.


If you’ve ever been in a distance race, you’ll know the gratitude you feel for all those people offering you water, a cool sponge, pointing you in the right direction or simply cheering you on your way.  

For volunteers, there is the pleasure gained from knowing they are helping.  Some belong to clubs or sporting organisations; some can no longer race but still want to be involved; some just want to be part of the event. Musicians are often also volunteers, encouraging runners along their way.

Gold Coast Airport Marathon participants this year were assisted by 1100 volunteers.  Their reward, as in so many events, was a special volunteer shirt to keep – and a big thanks.

Challenge Family CEO Felix Walchshöfer finishes his own Challenge Roth in 14:04:12. His family IS the Challenge Family and Roth was the first Challenge event in 1984. When they say “We are Triathlon”, they mean it.

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