In 1990 the Russian city of Omsk was first opened to foreigners. The Siberian International Marathon was created the same year with the goal of promoting the Omsk Oblast region and attracting tourists to the area. 


In the 25 years since, the event has become one of the three largest in Russia and is known to be well organised and very welcoming to participants from around the world. 


Having now attracted over 250,000 participants from more than 50 countries, it is difficult to dispute that the event has promoted Omsk to the world. 



The city boasts an impressive collection of cathedrals, theatres, monuments, museums and cultural attractions, all of which make Omsk a fascinating and surprising place to visit. Dormition Cathedral and Omsk Drama Theatre stand out as two unbelievably beautiful pieces of architecture which grace the city.


For those who associate Siberia with below freezing temperatures and 8 feet of snow, rest assured that the average Siberian September day is 10–15 degC and bears a miniscule chance of snow fall. 


Comfortable running conditions, blossoming event, exciting foreign city – can you picture yourself going to Siberia yet?




Superheroes are readying themselves for the return of Queensland’s hugely popular Bridge to Brisbane fun run and fundraising event. You may have heard of gun time and net time, but how about Hero Time?


Hero Time is the fun and creative initiative used by the Bridge to Brisbane to encourage participants to get stuck in and raise money for a worthy cause of their choosing. 


It works like this: at the end of the run, finishers are given two times – their race time and also their hero time. Hero time is a finisher’s race time minus one second for every dollar they raised for charity. Savvy runners out there will recognise this as a brilliant opportunity to set a blistering personal best – and raise much appreciated money for an admirable cause. 

Entrants can choose to run either the 10km or the 5km event – some have even run in both on the same day! The 10km event begins at the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge and ends at the Brisbane Showground. 5km participants will begin in the Hamilton Recreational Reserve and follow the last 5km of the 10km course to also end in the Brisbane Showground. 


It’s your time to be a hero in Brisbane this September, so what will your Hero Time be?




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