RunCzech founder Carlo Capalbo has been awarded the Order of the Star of Italy (L'Ordine della Stella d'Italia) which grants him the title of knight.


It is one of the highest honours awarded by the Italian Republic and is bestowed on those who have made considerable contributions to promoting their country abroad, strengthening mutual ties and friendly relations.


Carlo started the Prague International Marathon. Now it is part of the successful RunCzech race series.


“Carlo Capalbo brought the marathon to Prague and built a metaphorical bridge between Italy and the Czech Republic. His work is hugely important for both countries and creates the best possible reputation for Italy abroad,” said Italian Ambassador Aldo Amati, speaking at the presentation ceremony of the invaluable work Carlo has done.


I think that there is nobody here who wouldn’t wish this for Carlo,”

Carlo said he was honoured to receive such an award.


Arriving in the Czech Republic at the start of the 1990s as manager of a big international corporation, the Napoli native dreamt of organising in Prague the type of marathon held in London, New York and Boston.

He set up Prague International Marathon in 1995. Over the next 20 years he successfully built the RunCzech Running League, an organisation which places Prague and the whole Czech Republic at the top of the world rankings in terms of countries boasting high calibre endurance runners.


Carlo has played a crucial role in promoting the running boom in the Czech Republic. He used the award ceremony to thank his team and all those who have helped him fulfil his vision of hosting mass participation running events.


“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those closest to me, my colleagues and friends for their support and help over the past 20 years and, above all, for believing in what I do.”


The Order of the Star of Italy is awarded by the Italian President. It was originally designed for those who had contributed to reconstructing Italy after the Second World War. Since 2011 the title has been awarded to those who have promoted friendly relations and cooperation between Italy and other countries.

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