Jaipur, known as the Pink City because of its pink buildings, was once known as the capital for Royalty and is now the capital of Rajasthan and is located in its desert-lands.

Organised by Sanskriti, an organsation that promotes awareness of Indian culture and tradition particularly amongst the youth, and the World Trade Park, the Jaipur Marathon will take place on the 23 January 2011, supported by the half marathon and the Jaipur Dream Run.  The event aims to show the world the varied atmosphere that exists in Jaipur with its vibrant colours and mixed culture.

50,000 people are expected to enter the race and enjoy the party atmosphere that will be created by competitions, treasure hunts, live music and fantastic firework displays.
One of the key events will be the carnival where hundreds of performers accompany colourfully decorated floats, and dance along the streets of Jaipur, celebrating the diversity of Rajasthan bands, sports clubs, schools, scouts, guides and other community groups lining the route.

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23 January 2011




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