The EDF Energy Birmingham Half Marathon is always keen to be green and last year this event won the Gold award from the Council for Responsible Sport (ReSport) – making it the greenest event of its type in Europe.

ReSport certified events adhere to principles set out in five categories: Waste, Climate, Materials & Equipment, Community & Outreach, and Health Promotion. One credit is awarded for each standard met, and three additional credits are available for innovative practices not defined in the standard. was a service promoted by the organisers to encourage runners and spectators with similar travel requirements to share cars to and from the event.


As this is the Race Against Climate Change the organisers want to continue this fantastic achievement and go one better – winning the top ReSport award, Evergreen.


Someone who could be considered a winner in a different way is Pete Lowen; a keen runner who has completed many marathons and half marathons and raised thousands of £'s for charities.  Pete decided to run this year's race with his own charity in mind.  He is Chief Exec of the Birmingham Law Centre which is a charitable, voluntary organisation that offers legal advice to around 2,000 vulnerable people a year in Birmingham who are experiencing poverty, homelessness and work discrimination; to name a few areas.  The charity needs £100,000 to run the Centre this year and more in subsequent years.

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