Even before the start there’s a friendly feel as people gather in their corrals to await the starter’s gun. The smell of liniment and sound of happy chatting fill the air. People are relaxed and planning to enjoy their race.


These are some of the experiences that make it so enjoyable:-


  • Bagpipers playing when you least expect it – so perfectly Scottish.
  • Driver support as you run parallel to the M8 motorway.
  • Two men standing in t-shirts that say “3” and “k” because there is no place to put a proper sign at that point. (For the half marathon, Mr “3” changed his t-shirt to read “10”.)
  • Crowd support along the route, especially in residential areas.
  • Shopkeepers using their PA systems to maintain an endless commentary and encourage runners.
  • Fabulous long straight to the finish line in Glasgow Green.
  • Best of all, the medal and banana at the end.

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I’m a lucky runner. Work takes me to some great places around the world and often allows me the chance to enter 10km events. I’m not fast, not competitive and view running as a way to see local scenery.


All runs are memorable for some reason and my all-time favourite for atmosphere is the Great Scottish Run 10k in Glasgow.

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