The training is done; race day is imminent; time to collect the race pack and check out the Expo. Marathon expos are great! Where else can you find the latest in gear, shoes and accessories under one roof – and get good deals as well?

Cologne Marathon has an expo so large it’s possible to get lost. Rotorua Marathon has a small, intimate expo with an amazingly varied product range. Some expos are designed for traffic to flow one way. At others it doesn’t matter.

Want shoes? They’re on special. Clothes? Always a deal. Energy gels, bars or rehydration drinks. Try a sample. Want a bandana? A new timing system for your training runs? A pouch to hold your cards and keys? A tool to massage the sore bits?

Nothing beats the pre-race buzz of the expo – except perhaps the thrill of crossing the finish line. and Scotty the Stag wish you all the best for the coming festive season and many happy races in 2013.  Scotty was last seen at the finish of Windsor Half Marathon.

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