For a marathon with a point of difference, try Rotorua.  It’s the 49th year for this iconic event which sees participants circumnavigate Lake Rotorua in New Zealand’s North Island.


Competitors who ‘take on the lake’ will start at Government Gardens and head out through the city, around the back of the lake over the Hamurana hills and wind their way back towards Rotorua, passing under the historic Prince’s Gate archway to the finish straight.


Back for its third year, the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust Half Marathon will see a new course in 2013. 

This time the event will start and finish at the main gantry outside the Energy Events Centre at Government Gardens.  Competitors will head towards the airport before turning left into Hannahs Bay and completing a loop along the lake front. They will then follow the marathon course back along the same roads, through the Prince’s Gate archway to Government Gardens and the finish line.


Each year the marathon sees new runners added to its Survivors Club for  those who have completed Rotorua Marathon 15 or more times in less than 7h30m.  So far the Club has 444 members, including four who have run the event 30 times.



With the great success of the Angkor Wat international half Marathon, running to support those who need artificial limbs and to support the victims of land mines and disabled people, we now extending the international event to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, recognised by the international club of the most beautiful Bays in the world.



The serious matters of pollution, global warming and an unexpected series of calamities on our planet during the last century brings a very deep concern to us all.


To preserve nature, for the well being of the mankind and future generations, we eagerly appeal to all runners around the world to come and join in to share your great concern of these matters by participating in the  Sihanoukville international half Marathon.

Your presence would be very warmly welcomed in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Running to protect nature, save our planet and for the well-being of mankind!

Race for charity and support fundamental Education to poor children and Youth.



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