It’s been a long time since Paco Borao has run a marathon but last year, he decided it was time to run the original marathon.  This year, he completed Athens Marathon – The Authentic – in 5:15:56.


People are used to seeing Paco in a suit, as President of AIMS, the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races.  This day, he proudly donned his S.D.Correcaminos Valencia singlet and ran the whole way with Greek marathon women’s record holder Maria Polyzou.


Paco first ran Madrid Marathon, many years ago.  Then New York.  He started up Valencia Marathon with his running club in 1981 and ran it a number of times in the early years.  


We congratulate the president with running still in his blood.

Paco Borao crosses the finish in Athens’ historic Panathinaiko stadium, triumphantly finishing his first marathon in years.  It had been his goal to run the original, authentic marathon.

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