Prague, Czech Republic. It’s half past seven in the morning and a group of runners is making its way around “Stromovka”. It looks like a classic scene from one of Prague’s parks. But these runners stand out as something special. A team of blue-shirted athletes often run at the pace of a scooter leaving many surprised looks behind. To be outrun by a pack of elite athletes who participate in most prestigious races on the planet doesn’t happen often. Well… it kind of does in Prague, which together with the Running Mall is a home for RunCzech Racing team most of the year.


Developed by the Prague International Marathon and the International Athletics Consultancy (IAC), RunCzech Racing boasts a team of 15 runners, with the majority hailing from Kenya and Ethiopia, such as Nicholas Bor, Benson Motto, Million Feysa, Abebu Gelan.  On the Czech side are the young rising star Anežka Drahotová and the top Czech runner Jan Kreisinger. 


Carlo Capalbo, President of the Organising Committee, aims to attract many more top runners and hopes to find Emil Zátopek’s successor among the Czechs. 

During its first season RunCzech Racing has already seen a number of high calibre performances. Therefore we are looking forward to welcoming more promising athletes in RunCzech Racing and to further support the young “Czech hopes” as team members race in Prague and across the world under the name of RunCzech”.


However RunCzech Racing does not end with the finish line. The project is consistently working on creating community ties and interactions between front-of-the-pack and back-of-the-pack runners, racers of different nationalities, pros and amateurs, athletes and race organizers. 


In this age running faster is not enough to pursue. The world of sport is also asking for narratives and personalities. This is why RunCzech Racing is used as a platform from which an athlete can connect, inspire and tell his story through performance itself and, most importantly, through human touch.


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