Ideal weather conditions and a superb course set the scene for a record number of 27,500 runners to take to the streets for the Frankfurt Marathon Weekend.


Celebrating its 35th year, 15,850 entered in the main marathon event of the IAAF Gold Label Road Race.


As always Frankfurt came to out party, with thousands of spectators lining the course and dozens of music and party hotspots along the way. The day was destined to be a spectacular success.


Personal bests were smashed at alarming rates as runners took to the ridiculously fast and flat course. The iconic event took participants on a journey though the attractive streets of Frankfurt winding though some of the most interesting sights of the city, all the while being cheered on by the eager crowd.


30 October 2016
Frankfurt, Germany

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The true belle of the ball at this marathon is the remarkably unique indoor finish line. Red carpet was laid out for runners as they turned into the magnificent Festhalle.


The extraordinary glass domed 1909 concert hall is breath-taking on a normal day. Add thousands of enthusiastic supporters, red carpet and spotlights and what you get is the complete party package!


The male winners knew how to add an intense climax to this already dramatic backdrop by performing a three-way Kenyan battle in the final stretch. Mark Korir won with a time of 2:06:48. The 28 year-old beat fellow Kenyans Martin Kosgey and Cybrian Kotut who ran 2:07:22 and 2:07:28 respectively.


Mamitu Daska of Ethiopia won the women’s competition with a time of 2:25:27 in a tight race closely followed by Fate Tola, whom having recently gained German citizenship claimed the German championship in 2:25:42.




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