The Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon is celebrating its 21st birthday in February 2017.


Enormously successful this marathon is at full capacity every year. Seventy thousand runners take to the streets of Hong Kong over the full marathon, half marathon and 10km events.


Professionally organised, the Hong Kong marathon offers every bit of infrastructure you would expect from a big city marathon-including a magnificent finish line with thousands of spectators welcoming you home on blue and green carpet.





Hong Kong is a must see city. Nowhere else does this booming enthusiastic clash of old and new seem quite the same. This glowing vibrant metropolis, with its huge skyscrapers and busy streets, pulses energy through its veins 24/7. It’s like a whole city made up of one massive New York Times Square.


What’s surprising about Hong Kong is its hidden beauty. When one imagines Hong Kong the city springs to mind.


However surrounding the city are breath-taking mountain ranges and luscious valleys dominating the landscape.


The Marathon course starts in the pumping heart of Hong Kong on Nathan Road and then proceeds to lead participants out of the city to take in some of the more naturally occurring backdrops.


A jaw-dropping component of the marathon course is the trek over the Tsing Ma Bridge. At 1.4km long, the bridge is high up enough for ships to pass underneath. Have you ever run over a ship before? Now is your chance.


Traditionally set two weeks after Chinese New Year, around mid-February, this is an excellent time to visit and run Hong Kong.


The whole city is buzzing with the excitement of a New Year and what better way to celebrate than by running a marathon!





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