If running on the Great Wall of China has been on your wish list, now is a good time to commit to it.

The Great Wall Marathon is a tough, beautiful and extraordinary experience. The 5164 steps of the Great Wall will challenge your fitness while the breathtaking surroundings of Tianjin Province will compete with your tired muscles for attention.

This event takes place a couple of hours drive from Beijing in a charming mountain area away from the most commercial areas of the Wall. Participants enter the marathon or shorter distances as part of tour packages, which have a range of other sight-seeing options.

The marathon itself is in three sections. The first is up, across the wall and down.  The second is on flat, sealed or gravel roads through villages and past rice fields.  The third section is back up, across the wall and down, in the opposite direction to the first time.

Well-prepared runners should be able to complete The Great Wall Marathon in 5-6 hours. It is recommended that participants leave their watches at the hotel, in order not to focus on kilometre averages.  This is not that kind of a race!

Next event date:

21 May 2011







13 March 2011

The Inverness half marathon runs long the banks of the River Ness and takes the participants beneath the dramatic outline of Inverness Castle. The finish is at the Queen’s Park Stadium.
For those who would like less of a change or simply want to raise money for good causes at a gentle pace, there's a 5k run.  It’s a perfect way to get started.




15 May 2011

2 new races are being introduced to the 2011 Marathon event.  The Curragh Racecourse is the venue, offering participants the opportunity to run in one of the most beautiful inland parts of the country. 
Participants will walk, jog or run The Curragh 10K, The Kildare Half Marathon or The Kildare Full Marathon. Each course will take participants around the flat landscape, offering the fastest course in the country.




22 May 2011

The race venue for the Snowdonia Slateman Triathlon will be Llanberis, the unofficial adventure sports capital of Wales.  The start and finish will be at the foot of Snowdon, the highest peak in England and Wales. The surrounding scenery along the race route is stunning and this event offers a challenge for everyone regardless of fitness and experience.




10 April 2011

The Grounded Events Company is pleased to announce that for the second consecutive year age-related mile races will be staged along the seafront as part of the Brighton Marathon. 

The Grand Hotel Mini Mile Races are open to 8 - 17 year olds and are a fantastic opportunity for children to be a part of marathon day and to experience the thrill of running the last mile of the marathon route.

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