Barcelona / Callela – One great contest in spring and one in autumn; this is what many triathletes jot down in their sports schedule. Wouldn‘t it be a good idea to tackle both in the pleasant Mediterranean climate, the fantastic scenery and with the spirit of “Challenge Roth”?


The Spanish Maresme Coast will also be home to the Challenge series with the Challenge Barcelona-Maresme: On May 27 the athletes will compete the half distance and on Sept 30 the long distance.


The course conditions of the two Challenge races constitute the prerequisites for a fast triathlon. With the contest taking place directly along the shoreline, the cycling and running courses are unusually flat; the altitude difference amounts to 20 meters at most. If you will not let the spectacular view distract you, expect a great time.


The swimming contest will start and finish at Calella beach, the cycling contest is guided through 15 localities in the Maresme region, constantly along the coastline.


Both events will start from Calella, boasting the obligatory pasta party, a triathlon exposition and of course the special atmosphere you can only find during a challenge.


Callela is situated directly on a three kilometers long beach in the middle of a wonderful natural area with many points of interest. The Maresme coast is a popular holiday destination especially for families. It is ideally suited for triathlon training, since you can expect a balmy Mediterranean climate all year. Participants can therefore look forward to a race in the middle of a wonderful area with good weather conditions.

Next event date:

27 May and 30 September 2012


By the way: Barcelona, the cradle of Catalan Jugendstil, is only a 30 minutes drive. For further information go to



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