The ever popular Challenge series of triathlons has added two exciting new events to its 2014 calendar – Challenge Philippines and Challenge Batemans Bay (NSW, Australia). These events are set to take place in February and March and promise to be the high quality, well organised and excitement fuelled occasions that we have come to associate with all Challenge events. 


Challenge Philippines is the third Challenge event to come to Asia, and a brief look at some of the course features suggests that the half distance event could quickly become a ‘must do’ for triathletes the world over. 

In contrast to nearly all triathlons worldwide, the Challenge Philippines swim course may be the most beautiful aspect of the event. Beginning on the stunning white sand beaches of the Camayan Resort, participants venture into Ilanin Bay where they swim in the crystal like waters of a protected marine reserve. Colourful reefs, tropical fish and a bed of giant sea clams are abundant and all visible to swimmers as they complete the 1.9km swim. If that’s not amazing enough for you, the swim course also takes competitors directly over two historic shipwrecks, making it perhaps the best swim course of any triathlon in the world. 


If the swim is the best part of the race, the bike and run aspects aren’t far behind. On a new, exclusive course which no one has ever competed on before, the bike and run components take in historic Bataan, gorgeous Subic Bay, the peaceful Ilanin Forest Reserve and much more. Challenge Philippines sure looks set to become one of the world’s great events. 

Meanwhile in the Southern Hemisphere, the organisers of Challenge Batemans Bay are making the final preparations for the inaugural swimming, biking and running of their own world class event. 


The event begins with a swim at Corrigan’s Beach which offers great views of the Tollgate Islands, before the cycle leg takes participants alongside the beach of Malua Bay. The run aspect of the event promises to be an absolute highlight, taking competitors along the boardwalk which runs adjacent to the mighty Clyde River, with spectators in the waterfront cafés there to cheer you on and build the atmosphere.

Challenge Batemans Bay is set to become the next outstanding Challenge event; inspiring, enthralling and of course challenging participants at every turn. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness the start of something special in New South Wales this March!



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