December’s Balmain Fun Run was a day of personal triumphs, tumbling race records, a novelty 100m ‘PorteaPartner’ Dash and a record number of race registrations.


In a case of true tenacity, Louise Graham completed the 5km run pushing a triplestroller up and down the challenging course hills of historic Callan Park in Rozelle.  Her aim was to finish under 30 minutes and she made it in 00:28:33.


In the ultimate act of camaraderie, twin brothers Luke and Jayden Schofield chose to cross the finish line at exactly the same time in the 5km race, tying for 1st place in the 1215 year old category.  After the race, they said they weren't interested in beating each other because they were brothers.





All three race records plummeted through the day.  The 2km race record was broken by Nicolas Noakes with a time of 00:07:15; the 5km race record was demolished by Anthony Farrugia with a time of 00:16:05 and the challenging 10km course record was shattered by Harry Summers in a time of 00:32:28.  Olympian Victoria Mitchell shaved almost 2 minutes off the previous women’s 10km record to register a time of 00:35:44.


The novelty event, the 100m ‘PorteaPartner’ Dash, based on the historic Estonian tradition of wifecarrying, saw 15 contestants carry a partner over 100 metres and then crash over the finish line in a possibly relationshipending pileup.


Since 2009, the Balmain Public School P&C Association has organised the Fun Run to promote fun and fitness for children, families and the community by challenging people of all ages to participate in a fun and healthy activity in a spirit of competition and camaraderie. This year, the event attracted 1500 participants aged from 5 to 80 years.


Planning is already under way for the sixth Balmain Fun Run, at the end of this year.






1 December 2013
Balmain, Australia

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