More than 53,000 people thought it would be a good idea to hit the early morning streets of ever-humid Singapore on 7th December 2014. They were right – it was a great idea.


The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore once again delivered the exciting, brilliantly organised, pumped up athletic event that it is now well known to be.


7 December 2014

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To add even more to the usual energy and fanfare of the event, a genuine legend of the distance running scene was present and participating – none other than veteran Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie. The man has won countless international running events and broken more records than you can shake a stick at.


This year the 41 year old ran the 10km event in 30 minutes flat - good enough for 3rd place - and afterwards marvelled about the crowd in Singapore and the wonderful atmosphere surrounding the event.


Kenyan barber turned runner Kenneth Mungara won the marathon in a time of 2:16:42; while Waganesh Amare of Ethiopia took out the women’s marathon in 2:46:54.

The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore is an event which refuses to stop improving. It might be a good idea to enter early and start planning your trip to Singapore this December. 

Runners loved a slight course change in the final kilometre of Hong Kong Marathon so much that organisers hope to expand it for next year.


For the first time Hennessy Road was part of the route to the Victoria Park finishline. The road is wide, allowing more fresh air to the runners and more room for supporters to cheer.


More than 84 per cent of the runners said the new finish is better than before," said organising committee chairman William Ko, after polling participants in Victoria Park.

25 January 2015
Hong Kong

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Next year they’ll look at extending the Hennessy Road route but it will need the support of police and local government.


The 2015 marathon designated a Brand Hong Kong event by the government. It also aimed to be a “Green Marathon” with a number of environmental protection initiatives.


It was also the Asian marathon championship race for the fourth time. North Korean Kim Hye Gyong was the surprise women’s winner of both the marathon and the championship, beating the otherwise all-conquering East Africans and winning in 2:31:46.


The men’s race was won by Ethiopian Sentayehu Merga in 2:13:00, after passing the leading Japanese runner, Shingo Igarashi, at 30k. Igarashi finished in 2:14:29 to take the Asian men’s championship title. 

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