Antiretroviral (ARV) treatment has transformed the lives of people with AIDS in the west. However, only 33% of the 10 million who need treatment have access to it.


Keep a Child Alive provides a solution to this as well as caring for children who've been abandoned or orphaned by this disease. The charity is currently funding 9 clinical and orphan care centres in India, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa.


The charity buys the things that most of us take for granted; a bed, a roof, books. They also offer children, families and entire communities a shoulder to lean on when times get rough. Their aim is to do better than buy the ability to live, their aim is buy back lives because they believe that, in this context, the more you buy, the more you save.


One of the charity's main fund raising events is the annual Black Ball which is a star studded event hosted by Alicia Keys and DJ Mark Ronson. Guests enjoy an intimate cocktail party, live auction, with comedian Eddi Kadi, and a spectacular dinner with performances by Alicia Keys and the world's top recording artists. The Ball takes place on 15 June at the Roundhouse, London NW1. Further details and tickets email


There will be a team from the Keep a Child Alive charity running in the
Brighton Marathon next April. 
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Keep a Child Alive's mission works on the premise that there's a profound difference between life and living. They consider that living may extend time from one day to the next, but life is more than merely existing; the space between sleeping and waking.


On this basis, they buy more than the pills needed to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. The also buy nutrition, shelter, support and education to ensure that medication is taken properly and with maximum effect.


Keep a Child Alive also provides comprehensive AIDS care and support, care for orphans, food and love to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. There are currently 15 million AIDS orphans in Africa alone.


In rembembrance each runner is compelled to carry a 3.5 kilogram backpack, as if he was carrying a baby on his back. There was sun and perfect snow and supply stations with everything a runner needed. For Norwegians there is no limit when it comes to cross country skiing.


The Birkebeinerrennet, one of the biggest mass participation events in cross country skiing all over the world, was as well the finale of the FIS Marathon Cups and part of the Ski Classics Serie. The winner: Seraina Boner from Switzerland und Stanislav Rezac from the Czech Republic.


Such is the popularity of this event, that for 2012, an additional event
will take place the day before the main event for all those whose
applications were put on the waiting list.



Breathtaking scenery and 16000 participants on a 54 kilometre cross country track: we are talking of the Birkebeinerrennet between Rena and Lilllehammer in Norway that took place in March. The locals are proud of this event, based on a legend from the middle ages. Allegedly it was on this route that the son of king Skjervald Skrukka was saved.
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