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Welcome to the June / July 12 issue of PACE.

We hope there's something for everyone; whether you're trying to encourage friends and family to take up a mass participation sport or whether you're looking to reduce your personal best time or improve your speed or fitness, the selection of upcoming events from around the world will inspire and encourage you to enter and keep you motivated with your training.  If you just want a list of events that are upcoming, just click onto the back page and click on the event that takes your fancy for further details.

We particularly like featuring heart warming stories of personal triumph; whether it's against all odds, for a specific cause, or just a great achievement.  (click here) to give us the details.

We try to feature a charity most issues, so if there's one close to your heart that you feel is worthy of a mention, the please let us know about them and we'll happily write about them in a future issue of PACE (click here).

We're also keen to hear your top tips.  Training techniques and eating habits are the most popular so if there's any you'd like to share (click here).

We hope that you enjoy reading this issue of PACE and we look forward to any feedback from you on how we're doing. (click here).


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Each year 3 tonnes of premium Forrest Estate pinot grapes are crushed by 100 female Graperide riders post race.

New Zealands Multisport personality Steve Gurney starts the crushing off with a splendid belly-flop dive into the specially built vat of grapes.

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