Prospera Valley Granfondo

22nd July


Already a mecca for road cyclists, British Columbia’s Fraser Valley will host the inaugural Prospera Valley GranFondo. About 1500 riders are expected to pass through some of the most scenic countryside in the state, including pastoral farm roads, river valleys and a challenging mountain summit. Choose from routes of 160km, 80km or the kid-friendly Sylvan FamilyFondo.






Standard Chartered

KL Marathon

24th June


Overwhelming response to registrations saw KL Marathon entries close in mid-April when the 27,000 limit was reached. The event includes a full and half marathon, 10km and 5km – plus a kids’ dash over two shorter distances. Races are held early to avoid the heat of the day. Marathon runners will leave at 4.30am and the last events begin just before 9am.

Maximum Adventure

in Australia


If you’re keen on mixing adventure with your exercise, Maximum Adventure has an event for you. Established in 2002, Maximum Adventure is Australia's leading outdoor events company, hosting a series of large-scale adventure races, sporting and corporate events across the nation. From deep in the Australian bush to deep in the urban jungle, events include the Dirt Works 100km Classic and Tough Bloke Challenges.





Koln Marathon


14th October


Cologne is an addictive city and Koln Marathon is a good reason to visit. The course is fast and attractive, there is great crowd support – and afterwards the city offers myriad activities to enjoy. There is the Rhine river, the famous twin-spired cathedral plus museums, taverns, clubs and Germany’s best shopping mile.

Music has become a great motivator for many runners and has even been labelled a 'legal performance enhancing drug'.  The introduction of portable music in the form of ipods and MP3 players has meant that runners can create a musical medley tailored to their own taste and running rhythm 


Many studies have been conducted over recent years, and it has been proven that by listening to music, performance can be boosted by 10 - 15%.  One reason for this is that runners will look for stimulus and distractions around them to sustain motivation, alleviate boredom and delete any thoughts  of exertion and exhaustion.  External stimulation can block internal messages letting the brain know what the body is experiencing, ie fatigue and muscle and organ related pain.

Another theory is that if a runner is highly motivated, they will push their limits to run faster and further.


There is a downside to listening to music when running as it disengages the athlete from his or her surroundings which, depending on the environment, could put the runner into a potentially dangerous situation.  For example being unable to hear cars and people coming up behind them.  Many race organisers have banned the use of headphones during races for these reasons and the fact that runners are unaware of other competitors in the race if they cannot hear them.


The Run to the Beat half marathon in the UK has caught on to the motivational power of music and offers a ready supply of music along the route to stimulate and entertain runners, and has the added benefit of attracting crowds who support the participants.

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