Stairs were the worst nightmare for Australian Joshua McKenzie after losing his legs 5 years ago.  While he could wheel himself around the neighbourhood and up hills for exercise, steps were impossible.  Then a mate introduced him to Mixed Martial Arts. As his fitness improved, he took on the challenge of Jacob’s Ladder; 242 steps up the side of Mount Eliza in Perth, using his hands to lift his body.  


The once troubled teenager is now a 24-year-old inspiration, having recently completed Step up for MS – a gruelling race up the 1103 steps of Perth’s tallest building; Central Park to raise money for the local charity.


A tough climb for able-bodied participants, an ecstatic Josh made it in 41m47s, accompanied all the way by supporter Cameron Hayes.

Spain’s Javier Gomez Nova comfortably wins his second consecutive ITU World Triathlon Series race in Cape Town.  “I just didn’t look back and went as hard as I could,” he said.

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