The British 10k London Run is staged on the worlds greatest road race route

through the heart of central London passing many of London's truly iconic

world class land marks.  It is the UK's largest non televised road race

involving up to 25,000 participants from all over the world!

As July 2014 marks the centenary of the start of WW1, the theme of this year's British 10k is Linking The Past To The Present.  Representing the past there will be a spectacular parade of horses with riders in WW1 Calvary Officers uniform and Tommys in infantry uniform, together with up to 100 current service men at the start, all appearing on Piccadilly.  There will also be WW1 poetry readings by a special guest.

The present will be represented by this year's official charity, Help For Heroes, with the aim being to recruit 1914 runners onto their team.  The Military Wives Choir will also perform at the start, including their number one hit ''Where Ever You Are''.  The first 1914

runners on the Help For Heroes team will start in the first wave.

Central London will be dressed with Union flags and PA systems will be playing inspirational music at all major landmarks including the start, Trafalgar Square, Golden Jubilee Bridge, below the magnificent St. Paull's Cathedral, London Eye, Big Ben and at the finish on Whitehall.


Race entries are accepted on a first come first served basis so enter now to avoid disappointment.




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