Colin Smyth has clocked up his 50th consecutive Rotorua Marathon – a likely world record by any standard. If you count his lap of the lake the year flooding forced a cancellation, he has actually covered the distance 51 years in a row.


Starting a couple of hours earlier than the rest of the pack, Colin was accompanied by his wife, Pat, plus a team of supporters and finished in just over 11 hours. Crowds lined the finish to welcome the group home in an emotional end to Colin’s running career. Knee problems have forced him to walk the marathon for the past 10 years but now his lungs aren’t working so well and have forced him to hang up his shoes. Congratulations Colin on a record achievement.

It was a happy-ever-after day they’ll never forget. New Zealander Henry Harper and Australian Rebecca Mozley ran the Great Wall Marathon together from start to finish - and then he produced an engagement ring and proposed.

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