Over 14,000 participants lined up on the foggy morning of April 12, 2105 for the 38th annual Statesman Capitol 10,000 race. The weather forecast stated rain, but that did not hold any of them back. There was not a drop of rain as the participants ran this ritualistic 10K.



From tutus to piñata costumes, to corporate teams and mamas with strollers, the race is unique to everyone and everyone is unique to the race. Bands played along the course, providing entertainment and energy that participants soaked up. Volunteers and community residents kept the spirit high with cheering and handouts of water.

The male winner, Eric Stanley from Austin, finished in 31:01. The female winner, Allison Mendez, also from Austin, crossed the finish line at 35:01. The top three males and females were all local residents of the Austin area, which is why this event means so much to the Statesman and community.

12 April 2015
Austin, Texas

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“This race is an iconic event in Austin, and many participants are from right here in our own backyard. We couldn’t be more proud of the winners and what they represent to the community,” said Tracey Kennedy, Cap10K Race Director. The next race is set for April 10, 2016.

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