More than 500 swimmers hit the water for the The Balmoral Swim for Cancer in March 2015 to raise money for childhood cancer research - but the wonderful partnership between Prue Watt and Scott Miers was one of a kind.
28-year-old Paralympian Prue was born with retinopathy of prematurity, which means she cannot see more than 1.5m in front of her – not that this stopped her from winning a stash of medals in the pool at the Paralympic and Commonwealth Games as part of the Australian Paralympic team.


However, ocean swimming is a different story.

“Ocean swimming is really tricky for me. It’s much more different from in the pool because there is no lane rope to give me a point of reference,” explains Prue.


“When it comes to the ocean, I have no idea of where I am or where I’m going, so it’s quite daunting.”


On Balmoral Swim morning Prue needed a ‘buddy’ swimmer to help her navigate the 1km ocean course. A keen swimmer who knows all too well the value of childhood cancer research raised his hand.


Scott Miers lost his daughter Sarah to an inoperable brain tumour in 1997, when she was just three years old. Swimming helped Scott restore balance into his life, and in August 2014 he swam the English Channel, raising more than $15,000 for Children’s Cancer Institute.

“Having your child diagnosed with cancer is the worst thing that could ever happen to you,” said Scott. “You go from having a child who is a little unsteady on her feet to a child who is fighting for her life.”



22 March 2015
Balmoral, Sydney

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Prue and Scott swam the 1km Balmoral Swim side-by-side in a heartfelt display of courage, teamwork and support in memory of Sarah and for the 640 kids who are diagnosed with cancer every year in Australia.


Since 2006, all proceeds raised at the Balmoral Swim for Cancer have gone directly to Children’s Cancer Institute for critical medical research into childhood cancer. Sixty years ago, cancer was nearly always a terminal diagnosis for a child. Now eight out of 10 children survive – and it’s medical research that has made this huge difference.


The next Balmoral Swim for Cancer will be on 13 March 2016. 

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