These days there are several beautiful marathon events organised all over China, offering domestic and international runners a bigger choice than ever.


The latest addition to the annual marathon calendar is the Great Hakka Marathon. The cross-country race was held for the first time in November last year - to excellent feedback from runners, spectators, locals and media. This year’s event will be held on November 21.


The Great Hakka, which offers full and half marathons as well as a fun run, is organized by veterans Culturestone Events and is based on the successful format and more than 15 years of experience with the Great Wall Marathon. Additionally, having marathon expert Dave Cundy as Race Director ensures that the race is up to international standards.

According to the organizers, this region was chosen not only for its beautiful landscape and ideal climate, but also to introduce and pay tribute to the unique and rich culture of the local Hakka people and their iconic roundhouses - hence the name: Great Hakka Marathon.


This is also reflected in the exceptionally scenic route, which was specifically designed to involve the local community and people - the villages and roundhouses they live in and the fields and land they live off.

The route includes mountain roads, field paths and village lanes, with a variety of surfaces from cobbles to concrete. It leads through tea plantations and rice paddies - and even allows runners to enter some of the unique Hakka houses.


According to Mr. Guo Feng, CEO of Culturestone Events, it is the hope of the organizers that the Great Hakka will not only offer participants a unique and unforgettable running experience, but also instill a new sense of appreciation, pride and opportunity in the local community.




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