As Alistair Brownlee crossed the finish line, a triumphant grin crossed his sweat-ridden face. Breathing heavily, he lifted the finishing line tape that secured his 18th title in the series, his first appearance since injury. The thunderous applause continued, greeting Javier Gomez Noya and Louis Vincent, silver and bronze added to their growing list of accolades respectively. 


Native Brit Vicky Holland took the grey-blanketed skies of Cape Town as a British home advantage and spurred herself to first place. Her drive pushing her ahead of competitors Katie Zaferes and Nicolas Spirig, allowing her a close margin lead, chasing until the final moment. 

From day one of the Discovery World Triathlon, Cape Town’s second inaugural hosting of the ITU World Series, the shivers of anticipation from the 2,500 strong age-group participants that lined the idyllic Jetty 2 at the V&A Waterfront were audible.

26-27 April 2015
Cape Town, RSA

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With a majority of participants being novice triathletes, the two transition zones and enlivened attitudes of the crowds, alongside their fellow participants, ensured that the premier event at the new Green Point Athletics Stadium was a great success for all who were involved in the Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town on the 26th and 27th of April.

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