Challenge Family and Rev3 have announced a partnership that redefines long distance triathlon in North America.


The two series are merging and, beginning in 2015, Rev3 races will be incorporated into the Challenge Family global triathlon series and branded as Challenge events. This combination will result in a stronger North American race series focused on delivering world-class quality events.


Charlie Patten, CEO of Rev3, said the partnership with Challenge Family was a natural fit, with the two organisations echoing each other’s core values.



“From day one, Rev3 has been about providing athletes with an opportunity to follow their passion in an inclusive environment,” he said. “We have always encouraged athletes to include their friends and families in their journey. The Challenge Family embodies all of what Rev3 has believed over the past six years and this new partnership allows us to expand upon that.”


Challenge Family CEO, Zibi Szlufcik, said the strategic partnership of two amazing brands was a natural fit.


“We share the same values and are working towards the same objectives with endless passion for a healthy sport of triathlon along with our team, our partners, communities and races.”


Online entries are open now at, where full details of the new race schedule can be found.

Olympiapark, Englischer Garten, Marienplatz, town hall, opera, Residenz, the Pinakotheken, the square Odeonsplatz, the Siegestor, the street Leopoldstraße, the district of Schwabing; it is hardly possible to imagine a more spectacular course for a city marathon. 


But then, Munich is a spectacular city and this is the perfect event to determine this year’s German Marathon Champions among the race’s participants.


Participating in Munich Marathon is more than just a personal challenge, for it is possible to run 42.195 kilometres (almost) anywhere.  When starting in in the Bavarian metropolis, however, the sports event is combined with a tourist adventure - your own run with aesthetic enjoyment.

Arriving at the finish is guaranteed to impress. The large marathon gate will be waiting for you with a curtain of fog, music and colourful lights. Through this curtain, you will turn to the final 400 metres of your Munich Marathon. The lap around Munich’s Olympic Stadium is simply masterful!


Additional charm is found the day before the marathon, in the Trachtenlauf, a 3km run in national costume.  This event becomes more international each year, as partipants run wearing a Dirndl, kilt, Greek fustanella, French beret or simply a Hawaiian grass skirt.




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