Rain is a rarity in Australia but it didn’t slow down Australian Tim Berkel, in the first ever Challenge Copenhagen triathlon. With his brave and offensive race he managed to attract the spectators’ sympathy from the start.  

This first event of the “Challenge” series in Denmark was top of the priority list for Danish long distance specialists this year – but some of them had no luck.


Young Danish athlete Martin Jensen led the bike course until a flat tyre took away his chance of winning the race. In the women’s race Lisbeth Kristensen was also dogged by bad luck.

The race has a good chance of becoming a classic on the Triathlon calendar.  The swim course, in a quiet bay near Copenhagen, is easy to watch from the beach.  Varied bike and run courses followed the harbour, passing through the city and Copenhagen palace.  It is perfect scenery for athletes and their enthusiastic spectators.

Tim Berkel dominated the bike race and increased his lead on those behind him on a demanding course through the city.  With a big gap to second, he ran out on the Marathon course.  After 8:07:39 hours, Berkel finished as the first winner of Challenge Copenhagen.





This month we've compiled as list of Handy Hints when training to keep you fit, focused and safe:


  • Consider how you deal with your running both physically and mentally.  Think positively about your ability and be confident.

  • Make a personalised training plan with your goals at the front of your mind.  This will help with focus, achievement and prevent plateauing race times.  It will also help to prevent injury.

  • Ensure that your training is consistent and build up endurance slowly.

  • Eat 3 hours before running and drink small amounts of fluid, water and sports drinks, whilst running; every 20 minutes or so.

  • Ensure you eat enough protein to increase muscle mass.
  • Make sure you layer your clothing.  Breathable fabrics for hot days and thermal layers for running in colder weather.

  • Wear something bright particularly when running along country lanes in dull weather, and at night.

  • Apply lip balm under your eyes and on your nose as well as your lips.  It contains sunscreen to help protect the more delicate parts of your face.

  • Stretch your muscles before you start.

  • Run facing the traffic.

  • Run facing the wind to keep you cooler.

  • Do some down hill training to increase your stride rate as this needs a shorter stride and quick, lighter steps.  Up hill running will increase stamina.

  • Always pop a blister and Vaseline works well at preventing bleeding nipples.

  • Listen to your body, don't run through the pain – it means something is wrong.

  • Buy running shoes later in the day when your feet will be more swollen.  They'll be slightly bigger when your feet are cold but will allow room for them to swell when they get hot whilst running.

  • Alternate between difficult days where you push yourself and easy days.

  • Make sure you have a day of rest every 7 – 10 days.
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